Motor Lubrication Guide

The table below shows lubrication periods. Its column heads are defined as follows.

  1. Standard Service - 8 hours per day. Normal to light loading. Maximum ambient temperature 100 deg. F

  2. Severe Service - 24 hours per day. Shock loadings, vibration or in dirt and dust. Ambient temperature 100 to 150 deg. F

  3. Extreme Service - 24 hours a day. Heavy shock, vibration or much dirt and dust. Ambient temperature 100 to 150 deg. F

For roller bearing applications, divide the lubrication period by three.

Follow the relubrication instructions on the motor.  Should no motor-mounted instructions exist, follow these directions:

  1. Lubricate motor while it is warm and the power is off. 

  2. Wipe the grease fittings clean.

  3. Free the relief valve hose of any hard grease.

  4. Add grease with a low pressure gun.

  5. Start motor and run for 30 minutes

  6. Stop motor and remove any expelled grease

Recommended Grease   

If applicable, use the grease specified on the nameplate. When no grease is specified, use Chevron SRI-2.

Guide for Greasing Amounts for Electric Motors Using Tube Type Grease Gun

** This is an estimated guide. If grease is observed coming out anywhere, stop the greasing process. Bearings will typically run hotter until grease has purged from the bearing cavity.

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