REMCO has had a favorable business relationship with the Tennessee Valley Authority (TVA) since 1965. We have received favorable supplier performance ratings and have developed several long term relationships with TVA personnel. REMCO has participated successfully in the present “open release” contract with TVA and looks forward to a continued mutually beneficial relationship.

REMCO has successfully completed many projects for TVA. The following are examples:

Kingston > Failure of 1750hp Parson Peoples motor. REMCO responded on Sunday to failed motor event, dismantled unit, installed spare stator, reassembled and returned on rush basis. We also performed a rewind on the spare stator.

Kingston > 1750hp motor vibrating and making noise. On site disassembly of the 1750hp motor, evaluation and assessment of motor, diagnosed alignment problem, laser aligned motor, smooth operation when restarted.

Bull Run > 450hp motor wrecked mechanically, REMCO fabricated all new brass lab., seals, resurfaced journals, rebabbitted bearings, reassembly.

Bull Run > Main generator exciter arcing on one brush arm. REMCO dismantled field, drop tested fields, located shorted field, removed on-site, rewound, reinstalled, and reassembled on site. 5 year arcing problem on exciter resolved.

Colbert > 3 each 2000hp boiler feed pump motors. REMCO personnel removed motors on-site, returned to shop, rebuilt motors, reinstalled 3 each 200hp motors on site, laser aligned units, provided start up assistance during outage.

Norris > Generator #2 rotor bar failure. REMCO personnel removed old rotor bars and shorting rings on 50 ton rotor, furnished and installed all new rotor bars, shorting rings, braze, clamp and paint 30’ diameter rotor.

Rather than list more repairs it is worth mentioning that due to our prior relationship with National Electric Coil, our shop personnel have been exposed to many TVA generator rewinds. Many units are generating today with windings REMCO technicians installed. We still routinely, provide (turbine/generator) (inspection/repair) service for the following: Tapoca (Alcoa Power Co.), Lenzing Fibers, Willamette Paper, Blue Ridge Paper, and Yadkin Power.

Over the years, REMCO technicians have experienced and supervised much more than the average motor shop technician. We have primarily worked for the facilities on the East side of the TVA system, however, due to our independent status and having no sister shop in Nashville, we are quoting 9 TVA locations. We look forward to expanding our coverage area and relationships with TVA for another 42 years.

Projects completed in the last 3 years:

Major Projects

Lenzing Fibers – Harold Fellers Powerhouse Superintendent 
Disassembly and inspection of Allis Chalmers 5 Megawatt Turbine Generator. Complete teardown of unit #11 turbine and generator which has operated successfully since REMCO performed the same job in 1994. Project included re-wedging generator, repairing generator air coolers, re-babbitting of all bearings, mechanical repairs to 8 each axualary pieces. Total project cost $246,000. REMCO has successfully provided teardown, inspection and necessary repairs of their 4 each (5 Megawatt) turbine generators since 1992. 

Lenzing sells power to TVA in peak demand times (Winter and Summer).

REMCO as a member of TWWA has performed repairs to 16 each power, water, and waste water plants across the East Tennessee area. Routine repairs primarily consist of the removal, repair, and re-installation of motors, pumps, blowers, and gear boxes. A representative list of references are as follows:

City of Alcoa – Ken Reynolds, Plant Manager
City of Maryville – Rick Treatham, Maintenance Manager
KUB (Knoxville Utility Board) – David Wolfenbarger, Manager
LCUB – Bradley Denton, Maintenance
City of Loudon – John Davis, Manager
City of Rockwood – Rod King, Manager
City of Newport – Linton Atkins, Manager
West Knox Utility Board – Ron Medley, Maintenance
City of Greenville – Ken Earl, Superintendent
City of Kingsport – Ronnie Cook, Superintendent

Willamette Paper and Blue Ridge Paper – recent generator inspection within the last 3 years. Various repairs including mechanical repairs were completed with successful results. 
Lindsay Harp - Willamette Paper
Gary Ogles - Blue Ridge Paper

Tapoca Power – On-site ice blasting and inspection of Santella Generator. 
Jeff Brown, Electrical Engineer Tapoca Power

Tapoca Power – On-site machining of flashed over generator slip rings. This occurred at 2 different locations within a 3 week span. Failure analysis was performed. We determined that old worn constant pressure brush holders, most likely contributed to these failures. REMCO in both cases, dispatched technicians to field machine the slip rings and return the generators to service. 
Jeff Brown, Electrical Engineer Tapoca Power

Partnering Projects

Arch Chemicals – Butch Smith Engineering Electrical Representative REMCO provides repair services and consigned motor stock for this customer. Arch has reduced their inventory because of the consigned REMCO motor stock. Since they are 1 hour away the consigned motor stock benefits both parties.

Aluminum Company of America (ALCOA) - Leon Trundle 
REMCO has a successful contract with ALCOA for the repair/ replacement of electric motors. This agreement involves pre-determined new motor costs, maximum repair versus new cost percentage, and strict repair specifications provided by ALCOA. We are presently in our 4th year with positive results as reported by ALCOA. Benefits include; local supplier and inventory reduction via REMCO stock. 
Partnering benefits equal a win-win situation for both parties.

A.E. Staley - Doug Ford
Similar agreement as previously mentioned with ALCOA. 24 hour a day repair service, preset new motor purchase price, preset maximum repair percentage based on new motor price, and REMCO stock of “T” frame motors reduces the need for on hand customer inventory.

Rubbermaid – Jim Rogers 
Same repair / replace / stock agreement as previously mentioned in the ALCOA and A.E. Staley partnering projects.